Hey there! We are Cami and Abi! Two full time photographers who love to serve and want to be a part of your wedding day! 

We have had so many amazing clients in the past few year, because of them, our schedules book up FAST. We have spent a lot of time working together, coming up with ways to be able to serve more of you while still being able to give everyone 100% of ourselves. We realized that by joining forces, we are able to do just that!
The idea of a partnership is not one that is practiced by many people in our industry. Honestly, we haven’t seen anyone do what we’re doing. Some people might call us crazy but to us, this just feels right. Both of us have different areas to give and some areas that we rely
 on each other which make us the
perfect duo to serve YOU! 


We have been working together for a couple years now, refining our team and workflow to bring out the best of each of us and to serve you well. So heres how it works!

Abi is our main shooter. She's going to be the one alongside you on your wedding day. 

Cami is our main editor. She takes care of the photos once the day is all said and done. 

Together, we work behind the scenes to make sure everything is planned and ready to go so we don't have to stress on the wedding day. We have been a part of hundreds of weddings between the two of us. We have answers and ideas for almost ANYTHING. We will help answer all of the questions you have, create a custom timeline for your day, and help come up with solutions for any problems that may arise, before and after the day. 
We want to work with you to make sure you're feeling comfortable and confident throughout each part of your wedding day! 

So how does this work exactly?

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